Hiring Eileen for our wedding was the BEST BEST BEST decision we made. We had a 14-hour Indian wedding extravaganza the day after Thanksgiving (crazy on so many accounts), and she and her team handled it with ease and grace! It was truly a magical day. When I was first interviewing coordinators, I wanted to find someone who jived with me, someone who wouldn't make me feel judged for not giving in to wedding industry trends and expectations. Eileen was so easy to talk to. There was nothing but positive energy - I knew I could trust her, like I would trust a family member or a friend. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much she knew about Indian weddings :) Hiring Eileen paid off immediately. Because she knows what she's doing, and because she has great relationships with others in the industry, she was able to save us from having to pay thousands extra for a tent rental. Even though we'd hired her as a "month of" coordinator, Eileen was in touch throughout the 7 months leading up to our wedding. She was super responsive to e-mail (and through text the month of!). Eileen truly made our wedding dreams come true. There are a handful of things that could've gone wrong, but she handled it all! For example, the local pie shop we catered from decided to close the day of our wedding (they gave us a one week notice). I, of course, freaked out and called Eileen for advice. Without hesitation, she volunteered to pick up the pies herself. Who does that?? Only Eileen. If you care about schedules and timelines, Eileen is your girl. Throughout the wedding day, I remember asking people what time it was, curious if we were on schedule, and EVERY SINGLE TIME we were! We were even ahead of schedule during dinner! It is amazing how she wrangled 224 guests into being where they needed to be. Eileen not only cares about the couple, she also cares about their families, and all the vendors. Eileen made sure all the vendors ate dinner before she did. Amazing. We were able to relax on our wedding day - and during our wedding week - knowing she was in charge. Throughout the day, we kept looking out at everything thinking, "Wow, this is our wedding. How does it looks so good?!" That was all Eileen. She sprinkled her design touches everywhere, while respecting our wishes. Eileen let us be us! She expertly and professionally managed the numerous vendors on site. We've gotten SO MUCH positive feedback on the day, and it's all because of the magic Eileen & her team created. THANK YOU, EILEEN!!!!!

Bride ‘Holman ranch'


If you're looking for someone who will take the time to get to you know you, your spouse-to-be, and your families; turn your half-baked vision into a gorgeous reality; seamlessly coordinate your day so that all you have to do is be in love, and become a friend in the process--Eileen is your person! Eileen has too many praises to sing than can fit in this review, but I will say that I could not have imagined my wedding planning process and the actual day without her. Not only did she help me to articulate my vision for the day (it was almost like she knew what was in my brain), but she really made it come to life. All the design details that made the day so beautiful (and our guests still talk about almost a year later) I credit to Eileen's expertise and skill. More than that, Eileen is an incredible person. She's fun, funny, kind, caring, super talented, and makes you feel so special. She really went above and beyond for us. When I found out the venue had changed the reception room, Eileen was the first person I contacted in a panic. She made me feel so calm and confident that this was a minor hiccup in the planning process and that she would do everything she could to make this my dream wedding. She worked well beyond our original agreement to contact new vendors and talk with my existing ones to make sure that the room was exactly how I had pictured it - and it turned out even better than I had imagined. On the day of the actual wedding, Eileen skillfully and seamlessly coordinated everything, while making me feel so at ease and excited. I trusted her completely and did not have to worry about a single thing and could just focus on being with my family, friends, and my new husband. Even my newlywed friends commented on how smoothly the day went and how they wished they had an Eileen to help them! All this is to say, if you are lucky enough to have Eileen on your team for your day, jump on that chance. She's really one in a million.

Bride ‘Carmel Valley Ranch'

“Eileen is a goddess. I contacted her in a panic a month or two before my very last minute wedding and what could have been a stressful experience was transformed into a very calm and well run planning process. My mom and sister referred to her as “the fairy godmother”. I had a vision of a simple, intimate, but chic and beautiful wedding and she turned my vision into a reality. Every single detail was perfect and exactly as I had imagined. She took an idea and ran with it.

She was always available via phone, text, email whenever I had questions or concerns. But it is important to mention that she never overwhelmed me with emails or phone calls. She interfaced with the vendors on my behalf and kept her emails concise, thus taking the pressure out of the planning phase. She has incredible taste. I trusted her with picking out rentals as well as vendors such as the photographer, caterer, florists, and make-up artist. and everyone was amazing. They were exactly what I was looking for in terms of style and price-point. Eileen not only designed the whole stunning event, she kept everything running smoothly, making sure we were on time, etc. She even went out into my mother’s garden and cut me a bouquet the morning of my wedding and magically appeared with a glass of champagne at the exact moment I needed one before the ceremony.

There are no words to express our gratitude to her for designing and coordinating such a unique and special event. I still tear up thinking about this day and how perfect it was… all thanks to Eileen. Also, she is so incredibly nice and has a great sense of humor. I will genuinely miss working with her!”


Bride ‘Private Estate, Woodside’


My husband and I were married in Carmel Valley six months ago, and we are so unbelievably happy & grateful to have had Eileen & her team at E Events. We live in San Francisco, and I knew I wanted to work with a wedding planner who was local to our venue. I spoke with 4 or 5 different wedding planners, and as soon as my conversation began with Eileen, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is so personable, warm, fun, and professional. It was very important to me to work with someone who I knew I could get along with and hang out with, because over a year of planning I knew we'd be spending some time together & on the phone! I was a little bit nervous about the inevitable stress that comes with the planning process, but Eileen gave me the biggest gift of absolutely loving our year of planning our wedding! She made each step so easy, and always put my happiness & excitement as the highest priority. She was ALWAYS up for the additional phone call or texts, was always happy to talk things through for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th time, without making me feel annoying :) . When I became overwhelmed, she helped me make decisions and I trusted her vision completely. Her work is detailed and her esthetic is stunning and cohesive. She is an absolute joy to work with. Eileen & her team helped us organize a pool party that we had on the Friday before our wedding, our rehearsal dinner, our wedding day, and a Sunday brunch. Each event was PERFECT and beautiful. When it came to our wedding day, her colleague Sonia was our "day of" coordinator. Sonia and I got to know each other during the last few months leading up to our wedding, and it is obvious that Eileen chooses her team not only for talent, but for personality. Sonia is caring and thoughtful and I am so happy and lucky to have had her as a part of our team. I cannot recommend E Events enough. My husband and I still receive compliments about our entire wedding weekend, and it would not have been possible without Eileen & Sonia. I woke up the morning after our wedding with such gratitude, and I was truly sad to say goodbye to them both after the weekend was over! I would not have changed a thing. Love to them both!!! XO

Bride ‘Holman Ranch'

We met Eileen through a friend of a friend and wow, I’m SO glad that we did! Living in Los Angeles and planning a wedding in Carmel, we wanted to make sure that we had a planner that we trusted as majority of the planning would have to be done remote. This was not at all a problem with Eileen, she is SO incredibly organized and treats you as if you are her only client (which we all know is NOT the case!:)). She is incredibly hands on and handles every obstacle with grace – she thinks of absolutely every detail throughout the planning process: design, décor, logistics, and potential problems BEFORE they arise, for which she has already prepared backup solutions. She handled complex situations with vendors, the venues and family dynamics in a highly professional manner, and we were pleasantly surprised every step of the way. Also, not to mention she’s actually fun to be around and has GREAT taste herself which always helps when bouncing ideas. 😊 Overall, you can 100% trust that Eileen will do what she says she is going to do, and she will do it well. She has great relationships with vendors in Northern California, so we ended up with a vendor DREAM TEAM according to her recommendations. We also want to point out that she had her hand in every aspect of our wedding weekend – including our rehearsal dinner, welcome party, wedding-day golf event, wedding ceremony, reception, after party, and Sunday brunch send-off. She re-purposed and re-used furniture, decor, flowers, etc. where she could to keep the weekend economical. Reach out to Eileen if you’re in need of a wedding planner because I promise you will NOT be disappointed!


Bride ‘Carmel Valley Ranch'


Eileen is a rockstar! She is a visionary who removes the stress of wedding planning and takes your ideas and elevates them to create your dream event. Planning a destination wedding with her was as easy as it gets. The venue went through personnel changes during our planning phase with the last one happening a week before our big day. Eileen took it in stride and never faltered. She communicated all the information to the on-site planner and didn’t miss a detail. Eileen is meticulous; one only has to look at the detailed event timeline she provides. Additionally, her network of vendors are top notch and her recommendations spot on. On our wedding day, she kept the vendors on schedule and made sure we were exactly where we needed to be every step of the way. Working with Eileen and her team allowed us to enjoy every aspect of our wedding — the ceremony, our golden hour photos and our reception — without worrying about logistics. My husband and I were able to focus on our family and friends. I highly recommend Eileen and her team to anyone who is planning a wedding in Northern California.

Bride ‘Carmel Valley Ranch'

BEST WEDDING PLANNER EVER!!! For anyone reading planning a wedding, hire Eileen! At first I wasn't even sure I needed a wedding planner (even for day of, silly me), but our venue's general manager highly recommended Eileen. Only about 5 minutes in our first call I knew I needed her, but I had no idea just how much her guidance and and organization would actually shape our incredible wedding day. She has the most amazing design ideas and will suggest things you didn't even think of or know you needed for your venue. She basically knows almost every vendor and everyone loves to work with her, which comes in handy :). On you wedding day you won't even know there's an issue if there is one, Eileen (and her team) are problem solvers and trust me you NEED that on your wedding day and while planning it. Aside from Eileen's wedding planning expertise, one of the best parts about working with her was her personality. She made every step along the way so fun, which if you're starting to wedding plan you know can be a super stressful time. My husband and I both agree Eileen was the best money we spent for our wedding and I know it will be for you too!


Bride ‘Gardener Ranch'


Hiring Eileen, Sonia and E Events was the best decision we made of all wedding decisions. Our only regret was not hiring the team to plan our entire wedding! These two are incredible. They are savvy, they have amazing taste, a strong group of recommended vendors, and foresight and experience to help you make the right decisions to plan an incredible celebration. They guided us through the whole process. And when weather unexpectedly hit the fan (rain forecasted the week of the wedding at an ALL outdoor venue), they quickly pivoted to full-force rain planning mode and were instrumental in coming up with plans A, B and C with us to ensure the wedding went off without a hitch. It did end up raining, and the wedding turned out gorgeous and a huge success thanks to this team. It also felt effortless for my husband and I - they were doing all the work behind the scenes without a bother to us, and we now there was a LOT of work. Importantly, I was so nervous day of and at every encounter with Sonia, despite the weather, she was cool, calm collected and smiling. She helped me stay relaxed and have the best day of my life. She did everything we could to help us stick with our plan A despite the rain. Thank you Eileen and Sonia. We are so grateful to you, believe this was the best day because of you, and would recommend you to everyone and anyone. XO, Donya & Stephen

Bride ‘Holman Ranch'

Working with Eileen is a dream. I really mean that. She is talented beyond measure, is extraordinarily committed, joyous and professional. It's not as easy as you think to find all of those qualities in an event planner and Eileen fits the bill beautifully. As a photographer I have worked with dozens and dozens of weddings and when I work with Eileen I KNOW the day is going to be super extra awesomely planned out with every persons needs taken into account, couple and vendor alike, and that the day is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Eileen thank you for being such a wonderful human and fabulous colleague! I can' t wait to work with you again!




To anyone looking for a professional, competent, caring, and fun event planner, look no further than Eileen Lacy's company, E Events Co. My son and daughter- in- law were married at The Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley on September 22, 2018. I was the main parent involved in helping create a special day for our families. We worked with Eileen for 9 months and she directed our planning on every level. She never hesitated to contact us about our concerns and kept us focused on the important things in a wedding. Consequently, we did not get lost or too frustrated in making all the myriad decisions in a wedding. Her suggestions for the wedding were unique and our guests enjoyed having s'mores every night, something we would not have thought of on our own. As in all weddings, we had a couple road bumps, but Eileen stepped in and solved the situations before anyone was upset. Her recommended vendors are professional and competent. I would highly recommend using her venders. We used an outside floral designer and wished we had used her local vender. The outside vender had difficulty in logistics and lacked knowledge of our reception venue.However, Eileen was welcoming and worked well with the outside vender and they told us what a pleasure it was to work with her. Eileen has a wonderful working relationship with all the venders and all of them told us how lucky we were to have Eileen as our planner. Her assistants and the entire team of venders made the weekend a "seamless" event. We all agreed that one of her best abilities is managing to keep everyone on task and happy. Eileen's personality, knowledge and competency make her an ideal person for event planning. Hire her! I promise you will not only enjoy the process of working with her but you will have wonderful memories of a wedding that fit our families' needs and our guests' enjoyment. Our friends told us it was the best wedding they had ever attended and the best reason for using Eileen's company.

Mother of the bride 'gardener Ranch'

Ok - so to be upfront, I am not a former bride or groom, I'm a wedding professional (a photographer) and I have worked with Eileen on many occasions. I'm writing this review because she is truly one of the best in the industry. I hear it from every couple that works with her, and I experience it myself in the course of the planning process on just seeing how she works on the day of the wedding. She's lovely to be around (shes great with the couple, the guests and all of the vendors) - cool-headed and still gets things done...AND her weddings are always BEAUTIFUL. Seriously some of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever shot. I realize that it's difficult to see what a planner and coordinator do for a wedding by looking at a website - but E Events does a fantastic job in helping you realize your vision, and you can trust that I really know what I'm talking about. I cannot recommend her or her business enough.




We cannot say enough good things about Eileen Lacey and our wedding experience! She went above and beyond for the entire process, making our private property location into a stunning venue and coordinating an entire weekend of wedding events for our 200 guests. Throughout the whole planning process, Eileen was calm, relaxed and confident, consistently managing anything that came up with ease which allowed us to actually have fun with the wedding planning! We had tried a different planner from SF who was unwilling to work with our unique ideas about what we wanted to turn the private property into so we asked around town for local recommendations and Eileen's name came up countless times. She was completely supportive of our thoughts on the property and was able to provide an incredible amount of guidance, resources and assurance that we could in fact have an amazing party at our site! She is the perfect combination of being 'low key' in her demeanor but having all of the experience, vendor relationships and 'get it done' attitude that allowed us to feel both calm and incredibly confident in her skill set and ability to make it all happen. She was available for phone calls, texts and emails about any questions or concerns we had in the planning process, and consistently made sure we felt taken care of. The days leading up to and on the actual wedding, Eileen was onsite managing every vendor and seamlessly creating a stunning scene, all while staying calm and enthusiastic with the wedding party. Everything from the lighting to the decorations to the food service went beyond our highest expectations and the wedding was the mind-blowing, magical day we had always wanted. Eileen facilitated the most amazing event we could have ever imagined and gave us the gift of being able to just enjoy ourselves at our wedding instead of worrying about any details or logistics. We could not recommend Eileen enough and we would absolutely hire her for any big event we have in the future!

Bride ‘private estate'

From beginning to end, E supported us through our wedding planning and execution. Everything was handled. E is like the Olivia Pope of wedding planning. There's no problem she can't solve or detail she can't address. I felt so present in my wedding day and much of that was because E had a handle on everything. The weather was a bit cooler than we had anticipated and E preemptively ordered a fire pit for our after party - everyone was gathered around and stayed longer to enjoy the night b/c of that. This is just one example of the ingenuity she brings to her work. Additionally, it's clear she + team love the process. It was a pleasure to have E a part of our wedding and in fact, I couldn't imagine the weekend without her.


Bride ‘Dawn Ranch'


There will never be enough thank you’s to express my gratitude for Eileen. I immediately knew I wanted to work with her after our initial phone conversation. Throughout the planning process, Eileen took my vision and made it into an even better reality. Three months prior to my wedding date, we entered into a global pandemic. While this derailed our original plan, Eileen did not miss a beat. After months of planning the original wedding, she pivoted and basically came up with plan B, C and D!! The whole time reassuring me that everything would be okay and work out...settling my worries with every conversation. We ended up with a small backyard wedding that was one of the most magical, memorable experiences, despite every hurdle. It would not have been possible without Eileen. I cannot imagine having gone through this process with anyone but her and would 1000% recommend her to any couple looking for a wedding planner.

Bride ‘private estate'

From the very first moment Eileen (E Events Co) began planning my daughter's wedding, we all felt we had made the perfect choice. Eileen is highly organized, extremely personable with enormous attention to detail and follow through -- she knows everything you'll need to know to have the best wedding ever. She meshed with our family and especially our daughter and her fiancé seamlessly. Her vendor selections were flawless and they all produced the most beautiful wedding, every single element was heart bursting and eye popping. This was true despite dismantling our original plans for a wedding of 220 at Holman Ranch which were held in limbo for several months while the pandemic kept everyone's lives and plans on hold and in limbo. And yet, Eileen was able to help us stay steady and calm, and she still produced an heartwarming, gorgeous, intimate wedding despite all and every hurdle. Hands down and every thumbs up in the universe for E Events. Eileen is THE BEST. So much so, we are all missing her in these post wedding days, having just had our gorgeous wedding this past weekend. If you pick Eileen you will be happier than you can imagine.


mother of the bride 'private estate'


We knew from the get-go that we wanted to find a month-of/day-of planner to help make our planning experience as enjoyable and organized as possible. After lots of Google-ing and Instagram stalking we narrowed it down to a handful of companies in the Bay Area. I had intro phone calls with each, but from the moment I spoke with Eileen, I knew E Events was the company for us! Eileen was incredibly kind, warm, and really sought to understand who we were and what we wanted out of a wedding and a planner rather than trying to sell us on something or treat us purely as a business transaction. It turned out that she was already booked on our date, but that the E Events Associate Planner, Sonia, was free. Eileen assured us that she 100% trusted Sonia with her business and thought we would love her, and she was absolutely right!! We immediately clicked with Sonia and always looked forward to our calls and site visits with her. She immediately felt like a long-time friend, and was there for us throughout the entire process. Both Eileen and Sonia went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful experience. They were super quick and thorough with communication, helped with vendor recommendations, and even let us use some of their items (Sonia set-up a super cute lounge area for us with a few things she already had). We had a couple small issues come up with our venue the week before the wedding and the week after, and Sonia handled everything with grace. There was no issue she couldn't solve - seriously!! Even after her job was "done" she was right there helping us wrap loose ends up. And all of our other vendors and wedding party loved her which was a great bonus. E Events seamlessly brought our entire vision to life and made every detail so wonderful for us. We cannot recommend them enough for your special day!!!

Bride ‘costanoa lodge'